Polaroid Cube Settings

I have resently bought an action camera named Polaroid Cube - pricetag DKR 400,- appx. USD 60,- and my first impression was good value for the money - I got the red one :-)

But one thing - which I think is a big mistake from Polariod - is the software. The software is only available from the MicroSD card, and it doesn't work on a Windows PC. After som reading I noticed, it is a common problem and I couldn't find any updates or fixes anywhere and no help either from Polariod :-(

Then what? I'm a .NET developer in my work-life, and did then some decompiling of the original PolariodCube.exe file.

I found out that there was localization issues, which gave me (and you) an error.

I haven't changed the code a lot, just fixed the error and added som additional features, which is available in the latest version of the Cube's firmware v1.17.

You can now maintain:

  • Recording Time: Choose between 5 min or 15 min. of video in each file-'chunck' - I prefer 15. minutes.
  • Recording Bitrate: Range 8 to 13 Mbit - higher value equals better quality but also larger files.
  • Self Timer: Range from 0 to 60 seconds.

if you're interested, you can download it from here - free of charge - of course.

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